Do you have book clubs?

We offer several library-sponsored book clubs including Mystery Book Club, (Not-So) Young Adult Book Club, and Senior Book Club. For a list of all of our current clubs and titles visit our website at:

We also offer a way to host your own book club with Book Club in a Bag (BCIAB) service, available through the Reference Desk.

Book Club in a Bag Borrowing Policy

  1. BCIAB is open to anyone with a library card at Henderson Libraries.
  2. Visit Book Club in a Bag  and you can search for titles and schedule a date and library pick up for the BCIAB.
    • Staff help is also available if necessary.
  3. Bags are checked out on a single library card, and the cardholder is fully financially responsible for all six copies.
  4. BCIAB is checked out for a period of six (6) weeks: two weeks to distribute, three weeks to read, and one week to return to the library.
  5. One patron may have up to two (2) kits checked out at one time.
  6. Please return the BCIAB inside the library, not in the outdoor book drop.
  7. Check all content before leaving the library with your BCIAB. 

The replacement cost of each is listed below:

Replacement cost of each book:       $15.00

Replacement cost of each bag:         $10.00

Replacement cost of entire kit:       $100.00

Book Club in a Bag Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What if a group member forgets/loses a book?

A. Bags must be returned in the condition they were borrowed. Any missing or damaged items are the responsibility of the borrowing cardholder.

Q. Can my group members return their own book when they’re done?

A. No, the Book Club in a Bag must be returned all at once, or the borrower will be charged.

Q. Can I place a hold on the Book Club in a Bag online, from the catalog?

A. No, the reservation must be done online from the Henderson Libraries website on the Book Clubs page. You can also ask for staff help in person at the reference desk, or by calling Henderson Libraries at 702-492-7252 so that we can get you on the schedule.

Q. What if my group has more than six (6) members?

A. Use the chart (included) to distribute the books or ask to borrow more copies.

Q. What about Large Print, Audiobooks, or eBooks?

A. You may check out additional copies for your group in these formats, but they will not be part of the Book Club in a Bag. See the Reference Desk for more information.